Version 3.1

Nova Scholars Student Management Portal

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The commercial license of our proprietary software focuses on communication between tutors and parents to ensure client satisfaction and bookkeeping transparency.

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NSSMP Version 4.0 (In development)

  • Adding payment gateways for easier manager subscriptions.
  • Adding a weekly view on the overview page (in addition to monthly view).
  • Automatic embeddable registration forms for company websites.
  • Ability for managers to add their own sessions.

NSSMP Version 3.1 (Dec. 2020)

  • Added SSL certificates for enhanced security.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

NSSMP Version 3.0 (Nov. 2020)

  • Added more fields for student information including student email, student phone, parent name(s), grade of student, subjects, school attending, and additional notes.
  • Added ability for tutors to remove sessions created by mistake/duplicate sessions.
  • Performance improvements.

NSSMP Version 2.1 (Sep. 2020)

  • Added overview page to view summary of all hours for tutors and students.

Everything in One Place

All your students are kept on the same page in an easy-to-read table. Action buttons allow you to edit student details and view previous sessions.

Manage Your Tutors

Work with multiple tutors? Each one is visible on the tutors page. Action buttons allow you to edit tutor info and view previous sessions.

Simplify the Process

A simple login page and the ability to assign specific students to tutors (and vice versa) make the logistics of your business a breeze.


View everything at once to make bookkeeping and invoicing a piece of cake.

Automatic Follow-Ups

When tutors record a summary of their previous session, the content is automatically sent to the student’s parent in an organized fashion. These summaries are available for you to monitor.

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